English Pronunciation: New YouTube Video: American English Phonetic Pronunciation Dictionary


In this newly posted YouTube video I show you how to pronounce all the phonemes in American English.  It is an American English Pronunciation Phonetic Dictionary!  I start by teaching you the consonants, then vowels, including diphthong vowels.

I teach you how the sound is produced including what exactly you’re supposed to do with your tongue and lips. I teach you if you’re supposed to keep your voice box on or off, and I demonstrate the sound many times and encourage you to practice with me.  I also demonstrate how the sound is used in words.

So go ahead and watch this video to practice along with me!  This will help you to improve your English pronunciation, particularly American English pronunciation.  If you are interested in accent reduction/accent modification and English pronunciation then this video is perfect for you!  It’s only 27 minutes long and will help you pronounce all the sounds in American English.

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Improving your pronunciation of English can significantly increase your opportunities in the English-speaking world.  Communication is the key to everything! In business, in medicine, in hospitality, etc.  Communication is very important to success in any profession and can help you open the doors to more opportunities.

So click on the video above and practice with me! Practice often!  And when you’re ready to commit to an intensive 13-week training program with me, take the free screening and let’s do a free consultation, or just go ahead and use the PayPal options to buy the program.

To your success,

Mariana Maritato M.S., CCC-SLP, C-PESL